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Handmade Hot and Cold Pack Multicolor Low Back

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One of a kind, made by hand. Unique shape that can be placed in smaller areas like on the lower belly for cramps, or low back resting inside the waist band of the pants...Very relaxing and therapeutic hot or cold pack is handmade by Amy. This particular pack is about 10''x6'' and is filled with flaxseed and dried lavender, offering a subtle aroma that really helps to relax the mind and body. Flaxseed fillings are shown to retain heat longer than some other fillings, leaving your muscles to enjoy the benefits for quite some time!

You may use this for hot therapy by placing it in the microwave for about 40 seconds, and adding more time if desired. You can also use it for cold therapy by placing it in the freezer for about 2 hours. Do not let the pack get wet.

Shipping is $5, or enjoy free local pick up in the Raleigh and surrounding areas. Thank you and Enjoy!

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