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about Amy

Massage therapy became an interest to Amy during her time in college, where she experienced chronic headaches, and found that receiving therapeutic massage relieved her pain. 


Over the years since then, she has enjoyed gaining experience in a wide variety of occupations, ranging from being an event coordinator and general manager of a winery in Texas, to cubicle life as a graphic designer, and up on her feet for hours waitressing, and many in between.  All of these roles have aided in allowing her to better understand and empathize with other people's pains and possible causes for daily overuse of certain muscles.

She completed her massage training at A New Beginning School of Massage in Austin, TX, in 2016.  She began and operated a successful mobile massage business there, and with life's changing winds, she is now back in NC and is looking forward to serving those in this area.  She became a certified yoga instructor in November 2022 through the YTT200 program with 8 Limbs Yoga School.

When she is not giving massage, she is likely playing with her two dogs, spending time with her husband, or painting.  She specializes in custom pet portraits and original pieces, and paints themes of nature and wild animals.  You can view her work at:


about Amy

Amy's Approach

Amy strives to live simply and healthily through natural movement, food and nutrition for the body and mind, and by finding joy in the small things.


She believes there is no one size fits all with massage therapy. Rather than separating out the various massage techniques, she combines her skills of Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, and energy healing into one signature style, focusing on your specific needs. Listening to the client, sensing the energy and following her intuition has proven to be the best way to

serve her clients.

on chronic pain

On a personal note, I have a soft spot for those experiencing chronic pain issues and difficulties.  As someone with a spinal condition called spondylolisthesis, I understand the daily physical and emotional struggles one may experience because of mild, moderate or severe chronic pain. 


It is not fun, at all.  But with dedication to self-care through exercise, relaxation practices and more, I can find joy and feel a sense of well-being, and I hope to share those practices with you as well.  The less pain we all feel, the better we can treat one another in this world.


About Michael Jorge

As a young boy, Michael was fascinated by ancient wisdom traditions, particularly Ancient Greek philosophy and Buddhism. Later, Michael studied philosophy at NYU, with a concentration in Taoism, which is where he first discovered the concept of reduced breathing.


After college, he spent a decade as a gunsmith, immersed in the design and manufacture of precision hunting rifles; during this time his interest in Eastern meditative practices deepened until he finally learned about the Buteyko method, a modern scientific understanding of the ancient Taoist and yogic practices of reduced breathing.


Today Michael teaches reduced breathing through True Breathing, and is a certified peer support specialist, helping to support people struggling with mental illness and substance use disorder.  Michael also enjoys writing articles about philosophical teachings including Stoicism, and mental systems based on ancient wisdom on his substack.

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