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Affiliate products

Below are some of my recommendations for products that I personally use and enjoy as a licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor, and for personal pain-reduction or exercise use.


Trigger point

therapy ball

Trigger point

therapy tool

Kailo pain patch

Myotape, mouth tape

for sleep

Salonpas pain


Heating pad

Resistance bands

Side sleeper knee pillow

Cushion Lab seat


Massage table


for massage table


for massage table

Organic massage oil

Yoga mat

Linens for massage table

Oil holster


Restoring Prana

by Robin Rothenberg


by James Nestor

The Body Keeps Score

by Bessel van der Kolk

The Trigger Point

Therapy Workbook

Claire Davies

Dispelling Wetiko

by Paul Levy

Daily Vagus Nerve Exercises

by Reiner Hartmann

The Power of Now

by Eckhart Tolle

The Essential Low Back


by Robin Rothenberg

Atomic Habits

by James Clear


Amy of Bodywork by Amy may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase something through these recommended links. 

relaxation enhancements

body balm by bodywork by amy.jpeg
body balm by bodywork by amy.jpeg

Organic ingredients, moisturizing for cuticles, hands, feet and body.

1, 2, or 4 oz.


heat pack by bodywork by amy.jpeg
heat pack by bodywork by amy.jpeg

Sewn with a rice and dried lavender filling.  Microwavable or freezable.


cheetah yoga mat.jpeg
cheetah yoga mat.jpeg

Unique yoga mats are printed with my original artworks.  Cheetah, Hummingbird, Chakra Rainbow Bird option.  Comes with a carrying strap.


bright hummingbird painting yoga mat.jpeg

Sewn with a rice and dried lavender mixture.  Microwavable or freezable.


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