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Enhance your relaxation with complimentary Hot Stones

The feedback I receive from my clients about the hot stones add-on is just wonderful, so wonderful, that I'd like to offer them to you as a complimentary enhancement, no extra charge.

Clients tell me they feel very relaxed with the warmth of the stones and also enjoy how I can use them to dive a bit deeper if they are needing more pressure for angry little knots.

This enhancement can be added to either in-home or in-studio at Peace in the Forest, free of charge. Just let me know when booking if you'd like me to bring them :)

I use the stones as an extension of my hands, so they used throughout the entire session, bringing a warm relaxation to the whole body.

Let me know how I can help you today. Schedule by emailing, calling or texting.

Thanks and have a wonderful day!



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