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In-Home Children's Massage Therapy

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Children enjoy the benefits of massage therapy, too!

I have worked with some children ages 5-17 for over a year and I feel so grateful to be a part of their wellness development. I love seeing the relaxation and calm energy of the child after their sessions, and their parents are happy as well!

"Amy has been treating our whole family for the past year. The convenience of in-home massage fits our busy schedule. Amy provides a gentle, 30 minute massage customized for our growing and physically active seven year old daughter. She comes out feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and eagerly looks forward to the next session," shared a parent.

A bit about the service:

* children are to wear comfortable shorts

* sessions are usually under 30 minutes

* organic, nut-free oil can be used, or no oil if there are allergy concerns

* a parent/guardian must be in the room for clients under 13 years of age. For children over age 13, parent/guardian may be in the room, but must be home, with clear view (open door) of the child.


I am happy to work with you and the needs of your family. In general, adding a 30-minute child session before or after the adult's session is $45. Price is flexible depending on age of child and duration, from $25-45.

Every child is different, and everyone has different needs, so I am flexible on how we breakdown the appointments. For example, a parent could receive a 60 minute massage, following their child's 25 minute massage for $150.

Let me know how I can help the Whole family feel more relaxed today, email to schedule your appointments, or call/text 919-289-1755.

Thank you so much,


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