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In-Home Massage Classes

Updated: Jan 31

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It is always a great feeling to give your loved one a little massage, and see them feel nice and relaxed. But what if it ends up hurting your hands and your back is sore and your loved one feels a little more frustrated than when you started!? Oh dear...sounds like we need some massage coaching.

This is where I come in! I am happy to now offer in-home massage classes for couples, or any two people who wish to provide a therapeutic touch to their loved one. This is a 2-hour class where each person will learn a simple, yet effective, 30 minute massage for one another. I will guide you step-by-step, allowing you to mirror my moves, and learn some tricks of the trade.

In learning how to properly give a massage, you can help reduce fatigue and strain on your own body, by learning some techniques that utilize the forearms, elbows and fists, instead of the delicate thumbs and fingers, as well as stances and more helpful tips.

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In this class, we will go over some basic anatomy, helpful massage mechanics and techniques, encourage a different kind of communication, and just simply have fun! We will focus on the back and upper back, and will say hello to the arms, legs, scalp and face. However, if there are specific areas that are creating tension or pain, I am happy to teach area-specific techniques.

This is a fun and casual way to learn a new skill that will bring healing for years to come. Email, call or text if interested in scheduling your class today. Once we get you booked, I will email you a downloadable and printable Getting Started Booklet that will be a helpful guide in getting you acquainted with some basic concepts that will be helpful before we are hands-on.

I will bring my massage table, sheets and equipment to your home, no need to buy any products.

This in-home, in the Cary and surrounding area, is $170 for the up to two hours of individualized instruction, including the free Getting Started Booklet. Feel free to ask about other locations with a small travel fee. Visit my Cary Studio for this class for $130.

Schedule by emailing, calling or texting with your address/location and preference of days/times for the in-home class.

I look forward to hearing from you, reach out with any questions.



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