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Movement Videos and MEME therapy

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I wanted to take a moment to give a little update with Bodywork by Amy. By now, all of us have been on a covid-19 quarantine for a few weeks now, which is unlike anything we've ever experienced before. Many of us have had to completely reinvent the wheel of operations of work life at home, which has forced creativity, likely created stress and perhaps even helped nudge spiritual growth.

In mid-March, when massage therapists among many other "non-essential" services were told they can no longer work until at least April 30, I thought all right, well, let's dive deep into my other passion and mode of income, painting. So, I ordered more canvas, more paint, and began painting my heart out. It has been very therapeutic and grounding for me to create artwork during this time.

I do miss working with my massage clients and I do miss being at Peace in the Forest, too. I know when things calm down, things will be better than before! I think people will have a greater appreciation for the true healing of therapeutic touch, and will better understand how important it is for our minds, bodies and spirits to receive touch.

Until that time comes, however, I know it can be difficult to work from home, experience unusual body pains from sitting in poor form, and other reasons your body may be in pain...

But, I would like to share with you two videos I created to help relieve some stress, and get the body feeling more awake and flowing with energy.

This first video, "7 Minute Wake Up" borrows movements from qigong, sun salutations, yoga, self-massage and body tapping, natural movement, and breath work. Feel free to mute it and play your own music, or enjoy the sound of the birds that were visiting me while I recorded this set. Go at your own pace, only do what feels good in your own body.

The main focus throughout this routine is your Breath, observing your breathing in a out, bringing focus to your lower abdomen and breathing deeply and calmly into your belly, instead of your upper chest. But most all, have fun!

In this second video, "5 Minute Hip Openers," we will cover just that...gently relaxing those hips, glutes, and pelvic tension areas that can really be triggered with a lot of sitting, which some of us may be doing more of while in quarantine.

Enjoy these yoga movements and natural movements to bring energy and life to stagnation in the hips.

I have shared these videos with some friends and a couple of them said that just watching the flowers and listening to the birds was really relaxing for them! So, no pressure on even moving along with me, if just watching is therapeutic and relaxing, well that is okay with me!

In addition to bringing relaxation to your body through gentle movement, I would also suggest giving your mental state some TLC. Guided meditation, journaling, gratitude notes, etc. can be really helpful during this time, or any day of any year!

The lovely studio where I offer massage, has been offering online guided meditations during this covid-19 pandemic. Marnie Blum, the owner of Peace in the Forest, has a nice offering on Facebook of guided meditations on Tuesday mornings at 9am and Thursday nights at 7pm. It may be a nice, simple and therapeutic place for your mind to go once or twice a week for 45 minutes!

I also find that when you can laugh at any situation, it brings forth a sense of calm. So, try to find the humor in things...don't take things so seriously and enjoy a funny meme or two!

Here are the top 20 of my favorite memes that have truly helped my sanity....LOL! Laughter truly is the best medicine!

1. Working from home like

2. Sophisticated dog like

3. Bird watching has honestly been SO therapeutic for me. I suggest buying a little bird feeder and seeds and making friends with the avian world.

4. When people get creative to earn donations online for cooking tutorials...

5. Not to make light of actual PTSD, but this pretty funny.

6. But why am I always in the pantry?!

7. Spending that corona check like

8. It's so hard not touching your face!

9. Bachelor reference here. Bring her home!

10. Stress relief suggestion from cat therapist

11. Cutting hair like

12. So helpful

13. Should have kept the hair appointment like

14. Dogs be like

15. Social distance like

16. Looking out the window like

17. Miss the people like

18. To-Do list be like

19. I even went so far as to re-create a meme on my April birthday...

Happy birthday to me.

20. Asking for help like

I hope you enjoyed some of these as much as I have, lol. Any time you can laugh at a situation, go for it!

Hang in there, friends. This too shall pass, and when it does, I will be available for providing therapeutic massage therapy once again!

When the ban is lifted and you're ready to book massage therapy with me, feel free to book online at Peace in the Forest for In-Studio appointments in Wake Forest, or email me for In-Home appointments at Downloadable and printable gift certificates are also available.

Thanks, friends, and take care!

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2 komentáře

Frank Irwin
Frank Irwin
19. 4. 2020

The birthday one. Sad and funny at the same time. lol

To se mi líbí

Frank Irwin
Frank Irwin
19. 4. 2020

LOL these are funny! The Jim Carrey, Anthony Hopkins, and the bird that misses shitting on everybody. Hahaha I laughed out loud in my chair.

To se mi líbí
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