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Learn massage with your partner

You may have heard it before... "babe, I can't anymore, my hands hurt already!"

Couples try to give each other loving back rubs, but it sometimes ends up causing resentment and frustration because one partner gets wiped out too soon! How do we help this situation? Better mechanics and communication!

I am offering one on one sessions for couples, or friends, to learn how to give one another a simple and relaxing 30 minute massage for the Valentine's Day Weekend; and I invite you to give it a try!

At Peace in the Forest, in Wake Forest, NC, I will be offering several different time slots that you can select from all Valentine's Day Weekend.

You will both:

* Explore the fundamentals of therapeutic touch.

* Learn how to listen with your hands and how to touch with intention.

* Discover how to position yourself to make a therapeutic connection with your partner's body without becoming physically exhausted.

* Build confidence in your ability to be part of your partner's wellbeing.

* Encourage a different kind of communication that can help to bring you closer, deepening connection, trust and intimacy.

Some details:

* $130 per couple, 2 hours of instruction.

* Couples will receive take home material and complimentary Valentine's Day Gifts, including delicious chocolates and sensual Body Butter.

There are only 9 time slots available February 12-14; 10am, 2pm and 6pm.

Dress in comfortable clothing. When the receiving partner is on the massage table, they will have the opportunity to undress to their level of comfort, enjoying the electric table warmer and professional draping.

This Valentine's Day, give each other the gift that keeps on giving...loving massage!

If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to message me or visit

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