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Now introducing: Gentle Yoga Class in Wake Forest

As many of you know, I completed my 200 hours of yoga teacher training last year. After several months of continued self-education, practice and development, I am ready to share my joy of meditation in motion with you!

This class is slow-paced with easy to follow movements that help you connect your breath to your body, improving relaxation, flexibility and recovery. Especially well-suited for those with pain, anxiety or high levels of stress. This unique class combines a touch of qigong and guided meditation as well to bring you a well-rounded experience to ease tension of the mind, body and spirit.

Yoga mats, blankets, bolsters and blocks are provided, or you may bring your own if you prefer. This class is held at Peace in the Forest in Wake Forest. It is $18 per class or you can purchase a 4-class pack for $60. Feel free to email me with any questions, or sign up here if you're ready to join me :)

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